NSPG Flat Rate Pricing

National Standard Price Guide is the leading product for Flat Rate in the world. For over 25 years, we’ve been providing the tools you need to maximize your profits and minimize your business hassles.

You can purchase Flat Rate Software, have us color laser print Flat Rate books with your own rates, put your own Flat Rate Price Books on your tablet or phone, or combine them for maximum effectiveness.

We make the move to the NSPG System simple. With predefined parts, and thousand of tasks, getting started in Flat Rate has never been easier. Just tell us your rates and profit target, and our software will do the rest.

NSPG Software even comes with a 100% money back guarantee!

NSPG Flat Rate PRice Books

Flat Rate Price Books - Products

Flat Rate Software

NSPG Flat Rate Price Book software is the most complete and easy to use product on the market. It includes parts and tasks for Plumbing, Heating, AC, and Electrical at no extra cost. It's quick and easy to use since we have done all of the work for you. You can easily add or remove Parts, Tasks, Manufacturers, Categories, and more.

Change prices, descriptions, layout, even the colors and fonts with a few mouse clicks. Your Flat Rate Books will truly be YOUR OWN books.

NSPG Flat Rate software Is the highest quality system available with the best support.

Flat Rate Price Book Software pricing starts at just $1799.95.

Flat Rate Web Apps - Your Prices on your Mobile Device

Learn More Putting your own customized Flat Rate Price Books into a Web App is quick and easy. You can have your own simple NSPG Flat Rate Price Guide for Any Device with Flat Rate Tasks, Parts Retail Pricing, and a Quick Job Calculator. Don't change how your business works, just make it easier.

Your own Flat Rate Web App for as little as 50¢/day.

Printed Flat Rate Books - Let Us Do It All for You!

Getting your own customized Flat Rate Price Books is quick and easy. Give us a call, and we'll ask you a series of simple questions to get you started.

In about a week we will ship you the highest quality Printed Flat Rate Price Books in the business.NSPG Flat Rate Price BooksPrices start at $999.95 and can be even lower for quantity orders.Give us a call at 800-841-8542 now!

We use high resolution laser printers to output your Flat Rate Price Books in either color or black & white. We use high quality paper for long life and to maximize your ability to sell your services to your customers.

You could literally have your own Flat Rate Price Books in a matters of days. So, what are you waiting for? It's time to get your business profits into high gear.

NSPG Flat Rate Price Books for Plumbing and Electrical Available Now:

  • Electrical Flat Rate Price Books
  • Plumbing Flat Rate Price Books.
  • HVAC Flat Rate Price Books Knowing exactly what to charge.

Price Guide Features

Flat Rate Price Books - Features

NSPG Flat Rate Price Book Software is designed to let you easily customize and print your own Flat Rate Price Books. It comes with thousands of parts and Tasks already entered so you don't have to do it.

Here's how you will print your first books:

  1. Install and run the software.
  2. Enter the details about your company like Company Name, Labor Rates, Profit target, etc.
  3. Review the Parts and Tasks (Jobs) included in the NSPG Flat Rate databases, and make any changes or additions that you need.
  4. Print the style of Flat Rate Price Book that fits your needs.
  5. Begin selling from the book rather than calculating every job on the fly.

Printing your first set of Flat Rate Price Books should be done quickly with a minimum number of changes. As you use the books, you can note the things that need to be added or changed to exactly meet your needs. Then you can run the NSPG Flat Rate software, make your changes, and print out your new set of Flat Rate Price Books.

The most successful Flat Raters are the ones who jump right into it. Get the books into the field, and learn what works for them. Make some changes and print new books. The key is to get going as quickly as possible.

The easy to use NSPG Flat Rate Software makes this process almost painless. Since there are no time or printing limitations with NSPG Flat Rate software on your PC, you are free to make the adjustments you need to get your books as you need them to maximize your profits.

Hpw It Works

Flat Rate Price Books - How It Works

The NSPG Flat Rate is a system that will allow you to actually make the profit you need every day.

Flat Rate Pricing is simply quoting a price for work before you start the work. This business model is well established and is used by most industries. Almost all service businesses, except lawyers, use flat rate. There is nothing new and nothing difficult about Flat Rate. You just need to get the right tools. Flat Rate is easy with NSPG Flat Rate software and Price Books.

Here’s how NSPG Flat Rate works.

Your technicians carry the Flat Rate Price Book with them on each call. After they diagnose the problem, they look it up in the NSPG Flat Rate Price Book.

They show the customer the price in the NSPG Price Guide; offer them options for upgrades and add-on sales; they get their approval in writing on a work order; then work begins.

No Hassles. No Selling. No Price Surprises. Everyone wins.

Reduce Complaints

With the National Standard Price Guide Flat Rate system, the customer signs your work order with the complete job price on it. There are no line items showing a labor rate that seems to be a brain surgeon's rate. There are no line items showing materials that your customer thinks he saw at a home center for half your price. The volatile price issue is reduced to a single number that the customer accepts before work begins. Your business will be viewed more like a high level profession.

To make setting up your books as simple as possible, NSPG Flat Rate ships with thousands of parts and hundreds of pre-built Tasks included.

Once you have your price guide set up to match your business, parts pricing can be updated with an easy to use, flexible import feature. To further simplify the process the National Standard Price Guide is compatible with QuickBooks and many other accounting packages.

And, unlike many competing products, the NSPG Price Guide has no limits on the number of Tasks you can create, and there are no additional fees to pay. When you buy the Guide, it is yours to use at no additional cost for as long as you choose, and it comes with a 45 day money back guarantee!

If you are looking to make more money, gain more customers, motivate your employees, and simplify your contracting business, you really need to go Flat Rate with the National Standard Price Guide.

It's time to go Flat Rate with NSPG.


Your Numbers done Right

Flat Rate Price Books - Accounting

With NSPG Flat Rate, you can easily send your Flat Rate pricing to your accounting software so you can track your sales, print invoices, track customer activity, and many more functions of your accounting package.

Here's a list of some of the accounting packages supported by NSPG Flat Rate:

  • QuickBooks
  • Bottom Line
  • Add Systems
  • Cobra
  • Compusource
  • ComputerEase
  • Dispatch Pro
  • Ergos Fastrax
  • ESC Electronic Service Controls
  • Executive Management System
  • FACS Management
  • FieldLocate
  • Jonas Software
  • Kimmons
  • KRS
  • Maxwell Systems
  • S2000
  • Sawin Pro
  • ServMan
  • Service Titan
  • Servicom
  • SMAC
  • Successware
  • Total Service
  • VMS Vertical Market Software
  • Wintac
  • XML
  • ...And many others.

Your Numbers done Right

Flat Rate Price Books - Why NSPG?

For over 25 years, we’ve been providing the tools you need to maximize your profits and minimize your business hassles.

Quality Pays

You can get cheap Flat Rate, or you can get quality Flat Rate that will pay in the long run. Flat Rate is like anything else in life - You Get What You Pay For. Saving a few bucks up front can seem like a sound business decision, but poor sales results and wasted time can quickly eat up the initial savings.

NSPG Flat Rate Books are designed to make you money for the long haul.

The NSPG Flat Rate system can be put in the field quickly and effectively. Selling with NSPG books is much less stressful. Price complaints go down, price haggling goes down, and employee and customer satisfaction go up.

Free Support

NSPG Flat Rate Software comes with complete email support for Free for the life of the product. Software updates are free and are available with a click of your mouse from within the Flat Rate software for the life of the software version.

This means that you will not pay an annual fee to ask questions about the software or Flat Rate Pricing implementation. You will not have to pay for regularly scheduled program version updates.

We'll Make It Work for You

If you have an idea for a new book format, we can usually implement it at no extra cost. Want a new book with an innovative format? Describe it to us and we'll do our best to incorporate it into the next free software update. Change is good, and we'll help you change your business for the better.

NSPG Testimonials

Flat Rate Price Books - Testimonials

Mel Carr Electric

I've been using the NSPG system for 3 Years. My business really turned the corner after I started using the NSPG Flat Rate System. My profits increased and my business became easier to manage. I was able to dramatically reduce my billing and paperwork because now my technicians bill and collect right on the job.

Using the Price Books and presenting the price up-front is an easier and more profitable way of running my service business. Numbers Cruncher and Price Guide are my most valuable tools.

Mel Carr - Mel Carr Electric Corp - Albany, NY

Blau Plumbing

There is no faster or easier way to calculate your Break-even cost. No PHC business should be without a copy of Numbers Cruncher. I highly recommend this program.

Frank Blau Jr. Blau Plumbing, Inc. Flat Rate Pricing Inc, Milwaukee, WI

Blau Plumbing

Our sales increased over $30,000 the first month, with only two trucks using the NSPG system. Our revenue in three months is higher than the whole prior year.

The NSPG Flat Rate Books are the best tool to build customer trust. You can easily show your customer several options and job prices. It really helps the customer to make the decision to buy. It allows you to offer several choices for solving their problem while offering options to upgrade and improve the existing conditions. NSPG Flat Rate Price Books User

Our customer makes the decision to buy from us, so we don't have to do any selling.

The NSPG Books are the most valuable tool in our service business.

Mark & Tamra Lloyd - Bradley Electrical Contractors, Inc.

Blau Plumbing

Our NSPG electrical flat rate book is by far the best pricing tool we have used in our electrical division since we started flat rate pricing in 1997. The ability to format the layout, color scheme, pricing structure, add and delete task, categories, etc makes this a user friendly software.

We find the software to be intuitive with very little training or support. Looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with NSPG.

Jude G. Raspino, Jr., Stuart Services, Metairie, LA www.stuartservices.com/